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What Are You Doing About Traffic?


Ok so it's Friday and most of the time that's about my most favorite day of the week because we can wind down after a crazy week and enjoy a fairly relaxing weekend. Unfortunately today is not for winding down and this weekend is not for relaxing.

Are You As Good As You Think You Are?


I was reading a very interesting sales email the other day. If you're like me you probably get a dozen or more sales emails every day from various people who want to sell you stuff. And, if you're like me most of those emails go straight into the trash.

Where You Are Most Exposed?


I have to admit that title is definitely not original. I swiped it from a post on the Elegant Themes Blog about disaster recovery if you happen to use WordPress and, because of where this column appears, it just seemed too appropriate to ignore.

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Best Quality Paysites

Based on Actual Webmaster Reviews

A look at the top rated adult paysites based on reviews from independent review sites

1. Teenage Dreams Hpic 100
2. Abby Winters Abby Winters 97
3. One Girl A Day Totem Cash 95
4. Video Box Adult Platform 94
5. Brain Pass Brain Cash 93
6. Ox Pass BangBros Online 93
7. The ATK Galleria ATK Cash 93
8. OxPassport OxCash 93
9. First Time Videos FTV Cash 93
10. Ns All Access NSCash 93