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So, you recently got several phone calls from unidentified dudes? And then, you didn't see your babiemomma for three days. You sat there playin' PS2 wonderin' just where she was, who she was with and what the hell she was doin'. And when she finally wandered back home, her arms full of shopping bags and a pocketful of cash, she wouldn't say where she got it. Chances are, she hooked up with one of our roaming street shooters for some pics. Cuz we see them in every walk of life; strolling casually down the street, shopping at the grocery store, at the mall or relaxing in the park. A pregnant ghetto hottie catches our eye, we notice the big round belly popping out from under her top, and in the back of our mind the thought pops up. Dayum. That is one fine, sexy babiemomma. We'd like to see her naked for our cameras.

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