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Ad Blockers and Wounded Feet


Ok so it's Thursday and I don't normally write this till Friday but tomorrow we may not be here.

Well that is if you believe some of the amateur weather forecasters in this part of the world....

Look Up and See What's Happening


One of the things that so many adult webmasters do is to become so focused on their work that they miss what is going on around them. We work 12 or more hours a day ... and sometimes only stop to sleep ... and so we miss out on a lot of human interaction that is going on right under our noses.

Einstein and Your Dreams


I saw my partner describe this week as something resembling a train wreck and, for him, it probably was. He has been trying to co-ordinate a house move for a relative with disabilities and ... well ... they do say that moving house is as stressful as having a death in the family.

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